BJ Management Solutions, Inc works with your Board of Directors, as the managing agent for your association maintaining the properties in accordance with the governing documents.

Full Management Services


  • Attendance at Board Meetings
  • Annual Meeting preparation, notification and attendance
  • Routine property site inspections conducted by Property Manager
  • Correspondence at Board direction
  • Architectural Control application processing and advice
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations at Board direction
  • Processing Insurance Claims
  • Creation and distribution of routine Newsletters
  • Contractor Liaison and work order creation/processing
  • 24-hour Emergency Service

Financial Services

Balance Sheet
Budget to Actual Comparison
Cash Disbursement
Reconcile Bank Statements
Income Report
Expense Report
Receivable Report
Accounts Payable
All Bank Account Reconciliation
Reserve Fund Summary

Monthly Billing of Owners Assessments: BJMS, Inc. will take the responsibility of billing homeowner’s assessments at the beginning of each month. We will arrange for the collection of these assessments and have them deposited on behalf of the Association. We currently use the direct deposit lockbox system.

Collection Notices and Legal Coordination: BJMS, Inc. will act upon procedures approved by the Board of Directors to collect overdue homeowners assessment fee. We will coordinate with H.O.A. legal counsel should liens; foreclosures and/or judgments are required in collection of past assessments and provide a written “Legal Update” report.

Program and Maintain a General Ledger: BJMS, Inc. will prepare an accurate general ledger showing the H.O.A. financial status.

Prepare Monthly Cash Disbursements: BJMS, Inc. will prepare the Association’s monthly cash disbursements for signature approval at each regular monthly Board meeting.

Financial Reports: BJMS, Inc. will prepare monthly financial statements on the Association’s current status and year-to-date status. These reports include the balance sheet, income statement, budget versus actual income statement, changes in financial position, delinquent accounts statement, cash receipts statements, journal of accounts and cash disbursements statement including current status of cash and savings accounts, journal entries and copies of bank reconciliation’s.

Assistance with the Fiscal Budget: BJMS, Inc. will prepare a pro-forma operating budget for the Board to review for finalization.

Escrow Demands: BJMS, Inc. can complete all escrow demands, including an inspection of the unit prior to acceptance, if this is the procedure of the Association. We will bill the escrow account for their transfer fees in preparing all documents.


Site Management

• Regular Site Inspections
• Risk Prevention Planning
• Contractor Monitoring
• Maintenance Inspection
• Work Order Processing
• Work Order Inspections
• Obtaining Bids
• Insurance Review
• Maintenance of All Contract Files
• Coordination of Contractors (when needed)

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Ask about Transition Program

BJMS Transition Program evaluates community maintenance, finance, administration, and the governing documents for smooth transition of your association